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Date: Thursday, May 22, 2008
Time: 9:22 AM

Crushed Double Special Ayam Burger says : " I'm juicy . I know . "

I'm Blogging !! Since i have nothing on my mind now, this post shall be a post on food .This burger was introduced by Darren Teo , my fellow MHS classmate , to me months ago . And since then i've been craving to try everything on the menu .


This is how it looks like after being wrapped up for an hour plus. It looks a bit out of shape and yucky . But , look at the
OVERFLOWED sauce and spices .Its ooooozing out from between the 2 chicken meat patties.
It comes from a small stall along jalan Semabok , Melaka .The stall is situated opposite Semabok Hotel .
It opens from Mondays - Saturdays from around 8.30pm till midnight .

The master chef is Fuad and i've got his cell phone number !! This means i can order from him and pick up the burger whenever i like or maybe ,someday get to know him more and get him to cook burgers for me everyday.
Fuad sells a variety of burgers and hot dogs at a very cheap rate .
After sinking your teeth into the burger , i don't think you would ever want to go back to Mcdonalds for burgers . This is just a short post on Semabok burger. I'll provide the juicy details in another post some other day .

The Double Special Ayam chant :
Two egg-wrapped all chicken patties,
super yummy sauce,rose water,
curry powder,pepper,lettuce ,
on a sesame seed-less bun.

That was lame . But , hey , it sounds much more delectable than the big mac .


Posted by Paus are delicious