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Off to South Africa

Date: Friday, May 23, 2008
Time: 11:33 AM

My "stepmum's" for the past one year

Today's the start of the mid-term school holidays. I'll be off to South Africa for 16 days which starts from 9pm today till the morning of 7th June .

My dad loves travelling . I can, with no doubts, say that he's been to more countries in his life than any other general practioners or doctors that i know. He's been planning this trip since june of last year . The flight tickets were booked then too
.He acquires books ( in the picture above) and studies them like we studied for our government exams . One glimpse and you know that fella is passionate for travelling.
That's one thing a really admire of him .Pity, we don't see guys like him around anymore :'(.

I salute you

In a nutshell ,I'll be going to explore gold and diamond mines, spend a week in the wild life safari park, admiring Table Mountain of Cape Town (Table mountain ??what a name for a mountain , Mount Kinabalu sounds so much better ) and admiring more scenic places .

I'll be arriving at Johannesburg,the largest city of south africa tomorrow .According to today's newspaper , the south african's have deployed their soldiers to end the violence.Here's the news .Here's the video . Watch it . It explains everything that's happening there . Feel lucky and grateful that Malaysia 's still in one piece.The violence is aimed mainly at Zimbabwe immigrants . So , anybody who looks like a Zimbabwe-ian is targetted. This is the looks of a Zimbabwe lady .
I feel safe now .

Zimbabwe lady says : " i love pandas. "

My mum's a bit worried at the disturbing news . To her , south africa = lioness den . And we are walking straight into it as if it has undiscovered treasure . But , we can't do anything now . My father would really want to reap his sweat and toil of one year plus . Furthermore , this would be the last trip i'll be having with my family. Got to treasure the 16 days there . After this , no more long trips for me * sob s0b * . Happy holidays people .

That's it for now .


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