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HoleSSS on my ear

Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Time: 12:50 PM

I didn't think i would have done it . But , i did it . I surprise myself sometimes (: . I'm up for " interesting " stuff to do these days and to have a second hole on my ear is one of them . Don't ask me why i did it . I'm still waiting for the answer to hit me . To tell you the truth , it feels very heartwarming .

I got my girl pal , Sze Wen to accompany me to look for the perfect and seemingly reliable goldsmith and jewellery shop in Tampin to have my ears pierced . So , we found THE shop . The malay staff sat me down , sprayed the anesthetic on my ear and used a gun-like thingie to pierce my ears .

the gun-like thingie

The piercing of my right ear went smoothly . My left , however , didn't . The gun-like thingie got stuck to my left ear lobe when the lady jabbed in the earring . And it stayed stuck , with the malay staff pulling and pushing , for at least 2 to 3 minutes . Finally , the chinese lady shop keeper came to the resecue . Thank God , it came off .

My ears don't hurt . They hurt only when you press it hard . You 'll feel no pain at all if you ignore it and get on with whatever you do daily .

I'm not that happy with the distance between the two piercings ( the first one , which was pierced when i was 7 and the second one , yesterday ) . They are a bit too close . The earrings won't look good on me . It only cost me RM 8 . So , who cares .

Next time around , i think i want to do this .

Just kidding :P


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