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tales of south africa

Date: Sunday, June 15, 2008
Time: 1:22 PM


Many people have this misconception that South Africa is a very poor and undeveloped place . Well , some may think that what you see in SA ( sout
h africa ) are the tribes , starvation , and a huge stretch of slums. In contrast , SA is actually quite developed . My trip to SA included a week's stay at Johanessberg and another week's stay in Cape Town .

We went to a theme park , Gold Reef City . This theme park's built over a functioning gold mine . Apart from the educational gold mine tour , the rides were very thrilling . I only had the chance to ride rollercoasters such as Anaconda , UFO and Jozi's Express . Jozi's express was average while Anaconda and UFO was really something different from the rollercoasters in Malaysia .

This is UFO . We're to stand in those colourful boxes with only the gates and bars to secure us in there while it spins super fast . Not only that , it starts from ground level right till the whole thing's perpendicular to the floor .


This rollercoaster's the best . It has the speed , the lenght , number of loops , " corners " and twirls .. All in all , its enough to have you screaming your lungs out .


This would be the highlight of my trip .Set in the crater of a long extinct volcano , the park ranks among the largest parks in SA and covers an area of 55000 hectares . * you should be wowing now * .

Pilanesberg National Park accommodates virtually every mammal of southern africa . It is also homes to the BIG FIVE - Africa's 5 most dangerous animals - lions , leopards , rhinos , elephants and buffalos . These are some of the animals we spotted in our vehicle while on the bumpy roads of the national park .

Deers .


Giraffe .

Rhino .

Birds .


Tortoise .

Wilderbeast .

Warthogs .


Lions feeding on a wilderbeast . Look at the lioness' bloody mouth .

Elephants .

Do you see what i see ? Its so long !!

We had a very great week at the Pilanesberg National Park . It was a great experience watching the animals in their natural habitats in going their thang . The hotel, Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge , i stayed in was very good . It has a hide out where we could see animals like the elephants drink water and fight with each other up close . They even have a website where you can watch the animals at the hide out through a 24 hour video .

Animals were nothing to me . Not anymore .

UPDATE : Things guys should know . It may come useful one day .

He has 25 children . He wants 15 more . I really pity his 25 year old wife , Suhaili . Her job from now onwards is to be a reproduction machine .His 3 other wives are already over 40 , i don't think they will be the ones getting pregnant - high risk of getting a down syndrome baby .

Here's the advice from him on how to remain sexually active at an advanced age - when you bath in the morning , remember to pour a pail of water on the right foot ( Yes , the right foot . Not the left . ) before washing other parts . Gosh , does it really work ??


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