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Date: Friday, June 27, 2008
Time: 12:53 PM

Barbeque !! I love barbeques .

The reasons are simple . Take yesterday as an instance .

The food was esculentus ( french for delicious ). Perfectly well marinated chicken wings from Kampung Lapan , honey burnt sausages , a wide array of fish balls and volcanic lava hot spicy ikan bakar with lemon essence . These bloated our tummies for the night .

The people and atmosphere . Everybody had smiles on their faces . Some were busy being the master chefs at the barbeque stove . Each successfully burnt chicken wing brought cheer to their day .

Besides that , there were the ones who would exercise their mouths not by the intake of food but by conversing with others . Me and my gal pals for instance , tried to get hold of the latest gossips in town - XX is blinded by ZZ's charms , RR is pregnant and getting married to SS , AA's son is already 2 years old , FF's going to study at KKK and the list goes on. At the end of the day , all of us would be well updated and had the same level of gossips others would have .

Then , there's the photo-taking sessions . Where the one with the camera would be shouting for everyone to get into their places while the others act like they are deaf. Only after 15 minutes of shouting , did they willingly move their butts into possition .

And after everyone's full and bored of bbqing, all would help to clean up the mess . The cooperation and efficiency in clearing stuff is not something you see everyday .

And finally , there's the after party - the cocktail party . The rich fellow will bring out the liquors and whip up a bar-tending frenzy . Shortly , you see guys with flushed and dazed faces .

Those who are obviously drunk would say they are not drunk . Those who are half way there challenge those who are in the same boat for more shots .

Some would play games . They spice up the game , using half a cup of pure 40% liquor as the chastisement .

Then the drunks would make a toast to themselves .

Had a few cups of cocktails myself - Absolute Vodka ( AV ) mixed with orange juice , AV mixed with Red Bull , AV with Sprite , Jack Daniels Whiskey with Coke . I would rate Absolute Vodka mixed with orange juice the best among all .

I had a few shots of pure AV . All enough to circulate my blood and make me feel hot as in making me start sweating .After a while , my thighs started getting red in a weird way . That's when i started feeling dazed as if i was floating but i was still conscious . I reacted slower to questions . Had to ask to repeat the questions to answer them .

Gatherings like these would normally end around 2.30 am for me . When i return home , I would think back and smile to myself .

I have a great bunch of friends . Both , Tampin and Melaka .


Posted by Paus are delicious