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19 years of bygones

Date: Monday, July 21, 2008
Time: 12:20 PM

This is the last day of my 19 years . I'm going to hit the big 20 soon . Yep . . . Old already . A lot has changed since i was born .

1989 - 1 year old

For example , i've lost my cute looks as a baby .

Perfect , smooth , fair and radiant skinned . Sammi Cheng couldn't beat me with her SK II . Qiqi couldn't beat me with her SK II Miracle water . Zhang Zi Yi couldn't beat me with Garnier .

But that was once upon a time when i was just 1 year old . I think i looked super cute ler ...

To come to think of it , my mum should have brought me for auditions for MamiPoko diapers and milk powder comercials . I could have been a child star !!!

Enough of that . My head's growing bigger .

1990 - 2 years old

You see that white cloth on my head . That's a diaper . I remember that i used to love disguising as a bride with that on my head as the veil .

My elder brother would start singing , " Pom .. pom ... pompom ... "( the song that comes on when the brides walk into the church ) . And i would then walk into the room holding bunga telurs my mum got from Malay weddings . Me and my imaginations .

1991 - 3 years old

I use to love this shawl very much , makes me look like a little red indian

I was 3 years old back then . We were in Cameron highlands . And i think i had the chicken pox during the trip .

I remember that my family and I stayed in a hotel which had a pool . And i wanted so badly to just swim in the pool . I shrieked , cried and pestered my dad to let me swim in the pool . But because of the chicken pox . I couldn't , at first . We waited till it was really late at night , till nobody was there and only me and my dad were alone . Then , hehe .. i got to swim with chicken pox in the pool .

I wondered if anybody got chicken pox after that night .

1993 - 5 years old

My elder bro , younger bro , me and ( i think ) Wan Xin

Wan Xin's one of my BFFs .We went to the same primary and secondary school together . Actually , we went to the same kindergarten too . Only , our friendship bloomed later . We weren't in the same class then . But who knew we would be such close friends in the end .

She's now furthering her studies in Australia . Miss her very much .

P/S : Wan xin , I was taller than you .

1994 - 6 years old

This was my kindergarten graduation day at Tampin Chinese Methodist Church . Me and my classmates were doing the Newspaper dance . Funny right ?

We were holding newspapers , doing newpaper-tossing-moves on stage .
Our teachers would have us stay back after school to practice the dance moves .

There was another group of 5 year olds practicing an Indian dance for graduation day . I actually envied them because thr Indian costumes looked so much better than our costumes .

Somehow , I also found it a bit embarrasing dancing around with newspaper and making tossing-like actions .

P/S : Yee kim's the one , on my right , wearing a bangle and Boon Siew's the one on my left . I'm the one who looks miserable in make-up and red shoes to match my lipstick .

1995 - 7 years old

This was my first trip overseas with my parents and 2 brothers .

I was only 7 years old then and all i could remember was all the fun stuff that happened . I couldn't remember any sceneries or famous buildings . Didn't know how to appreciate and admire them then .

It was really fun going to Disney Land and Universal Studios . There were so many rides to go on . We didn't have enough time to ride them all .

Those were the days when i was enlightened that Genting Highland's rollercoasters weren't that WOW after all .

1998 - 10 years old

Seaworld in New Zealand , Look at my HAAWT body

If you have kids next time , bring them to New Zealand . Seriously , they'll enjoy , remember and would want to go return to NZ .

My dad brought me and my siblings to places like Seaworld , Mazes and Zoos . We had the opportunity to feed baby sheeps , witness how the wool of a sheep was shaved , visit the Maori people , and see a glacial .

Australia's Wonderland

We also went to Australia after NZ to visit my aunt . Look at my younger brother's head . Its under that fella's arm pit .

That's my 10th birthday . It was the first time i had a birthday party .

I remember myself being super nervous . I was nervous and wondered if i looked pretty in my dress , I wondered was the food we catered yummy enough to my impress my friends , I wondered would my friend be bored out at my party and leave before the party started .

I was super self-conscious when i was in primary school .

Yi hong , friend and neighbour , thought i succumbed to Autism or some kind of mental disorder . He said that whenever he and his brother came tp my house . I would AUTOMATICALLY * pooofff * ... vaporize .

2001 - 13 years old

Virgo Star Cruise to Phuket

They had many performances on the cruise and the performances were all hosted by Jason XX . I remember having a huge crush on him because of his charm and good looks .

Pity , my Wake-Up-look hair style wasn't strong enough to send out magnetic waves .

2003 - 15 years old

Went to China with my family and neighbours . That's the Great Wall of China .

We , kids , went with the intention of climbing every steps of the Great Wall . Little did we knew that it was 6400 km long . Some of the steps were as high as our knees ... Maybe not as high but about the same height .

The most memorable part of the trip was at a street which sold all kinds of food . Yes , ALL types . Got chicken , pork , beef , mutton , vege , frog , smelly tofu , cockcroach , grasshopper , sparrow , beetle , centipede , etc ...

I tried the centipede :) .

Mahatma Ghandi took a photo with me !!! Consider him the luckiest man on earth . At least , the one made fom wax at London's Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum is .

There was a wax photographer right in the middle of the path for us to walk there . Lots of people bumped into it and apologized immediately . Only after a few seconds did they realize they apologized to a lump of colourful WAX .

2004 - 16 years old

That was Italy . Can't remember much .There were LOTS of beautiful sceneries of the dolomites and architecture of the buildings .

We were at the floating market of Thailand . Thailand was fun because we saw lots of Mak Nyahs . They looked very very beautiful .

They had long slender legs , tiny waist , big boobs , long silky hair and contagiously perfect smiles . You wouldn't realize they were actually guys if they kept their mouths shut .

We went for a tranvestite show . After the show , the tranvestites would line up in a row and draw audiences to take photos with them . One of them accidentally exposed one of her her nipple without realizing it . She continued smilling and drawing people to her ...
Ewww ...

2005 - 17 years old

This was at a seminar at a cement factory . Yup , a cement factory . We even stayed one night there . It was suppose to help us prepare for our SPM Sejarah and Moral paper .

2006 - 18 years old

This was the Cambodia Vietnam trip . This trip was a very educational one . I learnt a lot of history on Vietnam and Cambodia . The war history to be exact .

By the end of the trip , I was very much filled with war photos and stories . Besides , I got food poisoning the whole one week there . I think it was due to the fried insect cocktail or the duck foetus i ate there ... lost 2 kgs . Which was a good thing for me .

2007 - 19 years old

Michelle , me , Jason , Melvin and my younger bro

That's my genius cousin in the middle who is the same age as me . This was right after STPM . Spain was a good get away from studies .

At the end of the Spain trip , my cousin's friend named Maria treated us to a super expensive lunch . Her dad was a very rich businessman . And my cousin was a very close friend to their daughter .

We dined at a famous restaurant called Casa Lucia . The king of Spain once dined there . And he would always order fried eggs with fries . Seems like a very simple dish , but it didn't taste that simple at all . Me and my brother never felt happier to be there . We got to try what the king of spain loved .

Besides the fried eggs and fries , we were treated to a drink called Sangria , Jamon ( Spanish pork-leg slices ) with bread , grilled beef and creme puffs ...

And it all cost 537 euros ... times 4 and you get a RM 2000+ lunch .

These are the most memorable moments of my life . This post shall act as my fridge to preserve these 19 years of memories . Of course , there are a lot more . But , these are what came to my mind first . There's too much on trips with friends to tell about . Therefore , it shall be in another post .

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