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South African Food

Date: Friday, July 11, 2008
Time: 11:25 AM


South Africa is known for its oyster . If you have a serious craving for fresh raw oysters , take a trip to Knysna of South Africa . Knysna is known for their oysters . They hold annual oyster opening competitions .

He was one of the participants

There is a oyster factory / restaurant there , where oysters are cultured , reared and sold .

According to the staff at the factory , there are 2 different types of oysters sold there - wild and cultured . He told us we could either eat it there with provided sauces or take it home without and sauce . Of course , taking away would cost less . South African's preferred to eat the oyster raw .

Mr."Darlie" showed off his white teeth

There are differences between cultured ( bottom picture ) and wild ( top picture ) oysters . Cultured oysters tasted more salty while wild ones tasted more creamy . Besides , both have slight differences in their appearances .

Since we were there , we had no excuses not to give it a try . The oysters were sold at different prices depending on the sizes . We ordered 6 oysters . Each oyster costed us RM 8 * choke * .

We seeked the waiters help to guild us on how oysters were eaten the South African way .The freshly opened raw oystes were to be eaten with lemon juice , pepper and tobasco sauce .

He gave us a 101 on oyster-eating:
  1. Scrap out the oyster from its shell until none of the flesh is attached on the shell .
  2. Drip a few drops of tobasco onto the oyster .
  3. Followed by a few drops of lemon juice .
  4. Grind some black pepper onto the oyster .
  5. Dig your ear wax and mix it with the oyster ... I'm joking .
  6. Lastly , gulp or chew it ... your choice . ( Chew it , it cost RM 8 for one ler , more worth it chewing it .)

scrapped , lemon juiced , tobasco-ed and peppered oyster

I had my share of cultured and wild oysters . Its slimy and salty . It is not chewy at all . It was an interesting experience to savour the oysters of South Africa . I went for Renaissance Hotel ' s seafood bonanza a week ago . They had a whole counter of raw oysters . To be honest , i felt like puking upon the sight of it . Tried them , but it didn't taste like South African ones . Bunga Raya fried oyster taste a lot better .


Besides the oysters , there were pies . Beef pies sold at all supermarkets . So i guess it was one of South Africa's specialties . They had different flavoured pies . These 2 were more common .

Steak and Cheese which tasted like hot dog flavour

black pepper flavoured

It tasted very good . Super yummy . Super... Duuuperly...Heavenly tasted .

Beef sausage wrapped in a layer of puff pastry .

Both the pie and sausage roll were very filling it costed us about RM 3.50 . The pie tasted better .


Its Rm 1 sth for each . This samoosa tasted sweet like sweet potato . Pravesh's samoosas tasted better .

Butternuts ( the ones packed in the red bags and scattered on the floor)


We went to a cheese farm at South Africa . We didn't get to see how the cheese was produced . But , we were able to sample them . People there buy cheese like buying rice . We came to the cheese house where we got to sample cheese . Upon walking into the house , our noses were tortured by the pungent stench of cheese .

Would you dare to try a chunck ??


There were a few Cadbury chocolate bars which could only be found in South Africa . This is one of them . Let me present to you * drum roll *


Cadbury Question chocolate bars with the question : Are you happy ?

Special right ? Each bar has a different question on it . And when you tear open the packaging . You are suppose to choose an answer .

Yes ?? No ??

I couldn't make out what the white paste in between the chocolate was . It is so sweet that diabetic patients would need to amputate their limbs if they swallowed it . So dam sweet .

That's the end of the food that i hunted down in South Africa .

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