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A day of cleaning brings no cheer

Date: Friday, August 8, 2008
Time: 9:48 PM

My legs are killing me ! I finally packed and moved my stuff to my ( considerably ) bare room at Bukit Jalil . Went up to KL , early in the morning , today to clean the whole condo unit so that its squeeeeeaky clean !

The condo unit that I'll be staying at used to have occupants . Well , for some mysterious reasons , both of them moved out just when I'm moving in . Very eerie eh ? The master bedroom was occupied by the condo owner's nephew . He moved out from his room already but his stuff are still everywhere in the condo .

Speaking of him , he actually came by the condo to get some of his stuff today . His name's Joshua . I didn't get the chance to see him . But my dad did . According to my dad , he's looks like a Eurasian .

And the thing is ... Eurasians are , without a single bit of doubt , gorgeous ! And i missed him !!

Where was I ? In the toilet .

@#$% ! My dad said he looked handsome . And i downright trust my dad's taste . Sadly , he's moved out . * mourn*

Therefore , I'll be the only , very super lonely , one occupying the whole condo .

I don't naturally clean , vacuum , sweep , mop , scrub , wipe and polish for hours alone . But I had to today . My dad and younger brother had to settle some stuff then only join me in my cleaning " spree ".

The whole condo was an utter mess . When you step in , you can feel the foulness of the air . Dust layered the tiles . That was the living room I'm talking about .

If the living room was a mess , then the kitchen would be total monstrosity .

The stoves were oily and dusty . Try to picture a whole stove area , with splashes of cooking oil ( on the walls , the stove and the floor ) , topped with dust as icing . One would just shudder and flee upon the sight .

I started off at around 8 am from my room .

The four corners of my room looks like this before the cleaning fairy came . Its actually quite spacious and may fit another person . But , I neeeed my privacy .

After the vacuuming , sweeping , scrubbing , wiping , moving in , assembling and feng-shui calculating , my room turned out like this .

That box has my microwave , moving it out to the kitchen when I've moved in

Nice or not ? I think its sweet and simple . Just the way i like it .

After my room was done , my dad and bro came to my rescue . They cleaned up the oily and dusty wet kitchen for me while i cleaned the living room and the dry kitchen . Thank God they came !

Everything came to an end at around 6 pm . That's around 10 hours of non-stop cleaning for me .

I amaze myself sometimes :P .

By the time we reached home , my whole body ached , especially my legs . But , it was all worth the ache . I'm super contented with my room and condo , now that its squeeeeeaky clean . Well , that wasn't the only thing that turned out squeeeeeaky clean .

Do you see the shine ?

I think the detergent was super strong that it make my hands shine naturally ( no oil ) .

*** NOTE *** :

Masterbed room with attached bathroom and medium sized room for rent .
  • Preferably IMU students .
  • Its at Vista Komanwel Block B , on the 23rd floor , condominium no.3 .
  • Kitchen has a water filter , fridge , electronic hot water flask ( it boils , reboils and keeps the water warm ) and a functional stove .
  • Bathroom is medium sized .
  • Has balcony .
Masterbedroom :
  1. Big and spacious . Enough for 2-3 person .
  2. Has an attached bathroom .
  3. A queen-sized bed .
  4. Air-conditioned .
Medium sized room :
  1. Quite spacious . Enough for 1-2 person.
  2. Air-conditioned .
Why you should rent these rooms ?
  1. Its just opposite IMU . You can wake up 5 minutes before lectures .
  2. I've cleaned up the whole place . So , its now very clean . In addition , its still quite new and was well-maintained by the owner .
  3. Both rooms have picturesque views . I'm serious !
  4. The condo owner is trustworthy and friendly . He's willing to help you if you need any assistance .
  5. The living room is empty ( no couch , no tv ) but its a good place to chat and study .
  6. I'll be there for 2 years plus from 25th of August of 2008 :)
  7. I need a condo-mate . Loneliness might destroy me mentally .
Please DO consider , spread the word to your friends and drop a comment if you are interested . I'll give you the owner's contact and you can discuss the price and ask whatever you want to know . He's kind and trustworthy . If you aren't satisfied with some of the room conditions . Let him know . He'll try his best to assist you and fix the problem .

Keep in mind that I'm not the owner . Just another IMU student .


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