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Date: Friday, August 15, 2008
Time: 9:58 AM

Remember the post about Fly FM's Music Moolah that I posted on Tuesday . I stated in that post that I would be continuing my " quest " to earn quick easy cash the following day .

That's one . Now , do you remember my 2nd reason to why I was a dope in my last post ? I stated that I made the wrong choices and that cost me a lot . Also , I stated that I lost when I could have easily won .

Both of these are related . Here's what happened .

It was Wednesday morning . Feeling lucky , I sms-ed "moolah" and sent it to 33399 . ( The requirements to join Fly FM's Music Moolah ) . Each sms cost 50 cents . I sent around a total of 8 sms .

As I listened to the songs being played on the radio , I listed them on a paper . But , there were times when the sucky lousy pathetic useless radio would go off course and I had to tune it so that I had a better reception . Sometimes , I would accidentally tune it to Hitz Fm .

Both radio stations were quite close . Both aired English songs . Therefore , people ( like me ) would think that we are listening to Fly FM when , in actual fact , we were listening to Hitz FM when a song was played . It is only when the radio Djs speaks , will we realize we're listening to the wrong channel .

Something like that happened throughout my radio-listening marathon . I listed every song I heard on the radio . At times , i accidentally tuned the radio to Hitz FM . But , stupid me listed all the songs played by the other radio channel on the paper too without canceling them off later .

At the end of the hour , i received a call . It was a KL number starting with 03 .

" Could it really be them ?" I thought . My heart started beating rapidly . My hands started shaking . I took a couple of deep breaths to diminish the evil-doings of my nerves . Instincts told me that Fly FM was calling . Gathering my courage , I answered the call .

I was right .

It was Fly FM . It was either Phat Fabes or Ben on the other line .

I tried my best and gave the DJ 5 songs on my list . I was confident that those songs were played .

To my dismay , my high hopes of being RM500 richer were shattered !


Apparently , I got one of the songs wrong .

It angered me that I actually had several other songs on my list but I had to choose the wrong one . I was furious that the radio had to go off tune . I was infuriated at myself for not canceling the wrong songs off my list after realizing I was on the wrong radio channel .

It was Sarah Bareillies's Love Song that snowballed my RM500 to the next nominated sms-er in the next segment .

After what just happened , I was determined to get back the money . I sent sms-es as if they were free of charge . I was desperate to gain back the money and also my dignity . I felt stupid and embarrassed at what just happened that it turned me moody the whole day .

The most nightmarish thing was I even heard my self blow away my chances when the recording with the Dj was played on the radio .

Too caught up and desperate , I didn't realize my escalating phone bill. Its now 3 times the amount I need to pay per month . Thankfully , my grandma gave me a big "ang pau" . Therefore , I guess I'll be using that to alleviate the damages .

Although Fly Fm Music Moolah is still on until Sunday , I've manage to stop myself from sending more sms-es .

To tell you the truth , I feel like I've just been released from the devil's grasp . I don't feel moody like those days when I was super caught up because of Fly Fm .

What happened made me realize why Greed was one of the 7 deadliest sins .

Greed is tantamount to no good . In a way , it acts like drugs . Once you start , you cannot stop . It gets you addicted and seek for more . When you feel the need to stop , Greed tempts , encourages and motivates you to continue . If you've fallen in , too deep , Greed destroys you .

So , becareful . Be wise .

I've learnt my lesson .

PS: Do not mention these words or sing this song when I'm in your presence .
  • Sarah Bareillis Love Song
  • Sarah Bareillis
  • Sarah
  • Bareillis
  • Love Song
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