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Date: Saturday, August 9, 2008
Time: 11:10 PM

My tummy is super bloated now . Just came back from my younger brother's farewell dinner . He'll be flying off to Russia to pursue his studies in Medicine . Because of that , my dad gave a treat to my neighbours who are as close as family to us .

We went to a restaurant at Batu Kikir in Negeri Sembilan called Restoran Ban Hing .

This restaurant is well known for their unique dishes and special ingredients used in their dishes . Moreover , Ban Hing restaurant has a few awards and trophies in their pockets . They were the champion in the International Kitchen Emperor Challenge Match of 2007 . They were also champion in the International Cake Art Competition 2007 .

See the golden chef trophy ?

Its funny . A restaurant like this should have earned a visit from tv programmes like " Ho Chiak " and " Journey with Jason " . But suprisingly , it hasn't .

My dad ordered a total of 8 dishes . But by the time we had dish no.4 . Our tummies were already quite full . Thus , we had no choice but to cancel one dish ( chicken ) .

Our dinner started off with titbits . Most Chinese restaurants would use either salted peanuts , flour-coated peanuts or keropok as their titbits .

But not Restoran Ban Hing .

They used braised nuts , Macademia nuts and dried squid instead . The Macademia and dried squid were fresh and crispy .

The first dish we had was cold dish .

Everything on it was super yummy . My dad specially ordered scallops as they were also known for their seafood . They had ( clockwise starting from the green beans ) crunchy beans friend with bamboo clams , fish-prawn balls , fried dried oysters , some fried breadcrum thingie with yummy stuffing and sesame fried chicken .

As for the second dish , we had " 3 flavors of prawns " ( translated from chinese ) .

There are 3 different kind of prawns in this dish i.e. fried yam-coated prawns , prawns in fruit salad and prawns cooked in ( i think ) eggs sauce . The prawns are huge , fresh and juicy .

The 3rd dish is called " Vegetable Bucket " .

As you can see , the food is presented in a bucket . It consist of all kinds of meat and vegetables . All arranged " level by level " . Chicken , barbeque pork , roast duck and broccoli on the first level . Then comes the scallops , sea cucumbers , dried oyster , shitake mushrooms and the fish bladders . The roast duck was very very delicious . The ingredients and sauces used to marinate the duck have penetrated into its flesh .

The 4th dish was steam fish .

The fish we had was called " Ikan Hantu " / " Ghost Fish " . I don't know why . The fish was steamed to perfection . Its flesh was soft and had no fishy smell . By then , most of us were already 3/4 filled even though we had 3 more dishes coming our way .

We had sharks fin as the 5th dish .

Its presentation was different from normal chinese restaurants . It tasted quite different from the normal Shark's fin soup that we order . Its a bit sweet .

6th dish : roast duck .

This is the most average of all 7 dishes we had . Its not as delectable as i expected it to be from its crispy-looking appearance . Just like normal roast ducks we buy from markets and duck rice shops .

We had Frog Mee Hoon as the final dish .

Frogs !!! A lot of frogss !!! This was a very special dish . We anticipated this dish right from the start . But , too bad , we couldn't enjoy it to the fullest as we were all bloated by the time it came . Frogs are actually very toothsome . The texture of the flesh is something like a combination of fish and chicken . Its soft yet not as soft as fish . Its tough but not as tough as chicken . The Mee Hoon itself was tasty too .

That's all of the dishes we had . The bill came to a total of RM 874 for a table of 16 people . Its approximately RM 55 per head .

It is quite expensive . But , its uniqueness and heavenly-tasted dishes makes it all worth it .

I'm like advertising for Restoran Ban Hing with no commisions and advertising fees . But , I love food , I find the place special and want others to know about it .

Here's the address and contact number of the place :

No.104-A , Jalan Besar ,
72200 Batu Kikir ,
Negeri Sembilan .
Tel : 06-4981680
Hp : 013-6098228 , 012-9306888

If you are coming Tampin , head towards Kuala Pilah . From Kuala Pilah , continue driving straight till you reach the Kuala Pilah border . When you are out from Kuala Pilah , go on straight and you'll reach the border of Jempol . Continue straight on a little bit further . The restaurant's on your right .

Restoran Ban Hing rules !


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