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Music MOOLAH !

Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Time: 4:34 PM

Have you heard of Fly fm Music Moolah ??

Fly fm is giving away money . A lot of money . RM 50 , 000 to be exact . All we have to do is name 5 songs and the artiste who sang those songs that were played from the beginning of the hour . Yep , its as simple as kacang ! At least that's what I thought .

You just have to register and send "moolah" to 33399 . Each SMS cost RM 0.50 .

Then , just sit down and start listening to at least 5 songs and wait to be called . It started on the 4th and will be ending on the 17th .

If you are super lucky , and you get called and get all 5 songs correct . You win RM 500 .

If you are jinxed , the money will snow ball to the next segment . And you waste the money spent on the sms-es you made .

I don't think I'm the born with super good luck . But , what the heck , I'll just give it a try .

6 more days to try for RM500 or more .

I sent out 5 sms-es with really high hopes of being called by fly fm . During the whole 1 hour , my fingers were trembling . Don't ask me why I shook . My body just works that way .

At the end of the hour , some other girl turned out to be the winner .

I really wonder how Fly fm nominate who to be called .

How many sms-es do i have to send to get nominated ? How fast do I have to send the sms ? How early do I have to send it ?

Anyways , no luck to day . Continue tomorrow .

Tuesday , 12/08/08
4.00pm - Invested RM2.50 .

Posted by Paus are delicious