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of godmothers , tiramisu and trains

Date: Saturday, August 2, 2008
Time: 1:31 PM

P/S : This is a super long post . Beware !

Part I : My godmother

Do you people have godmothers ( kai ma ) or godfathers ( kai ba ) ? I personally don't believe in this kind of relationships .

I went to KL yesterday to spend some time with Wee Sim on his birthday .

During the whole journey , from Tampin bus station right to KL Pudu Raya , I sat with this middle-aged lady who could talk incessantly to me in the bus .

I wasn't really in the mood to talk as I was really sleepy and felt nausea . But , it would have been very rude of me to just leave her talking alone . I , therefore , made a little conversation with her .

She was the one talking 95 % of the time . Whereas , the other 5 % involved me making " oh " , " mmm " , and " hahaha"s .

It was nice chatting with her coz i didn't have to think of things to say . But i felt like screaming at the bus driver to drive faster so that the lady and i would part ways ASAP .

It was unlucky of me to board that bus . Of all 7 days , the Transnasional bus driver decided yesterday was the day to take the Kampung road to KL . Instead of a 1 hour 30 minutes ride , it turned out to be a 2 hour 40 minutes ride .

From the chat , I found out she lived with her husband ( who was a chinese medicine doctor ) in Puchong and didn't have any children . She had many godchildren though ( kai lui and kai zai ) and they were scattered all over Malaysia .

We , eventually , talked about our backgrounds and our conversation became more personal .

Surprisingly , she was same age as my mum , her husband was same age as my dad , both her hubby and my parents were in the same field in their career , and she had a goddaughther who looked like me . All of a sudden , we had so much in common .

She, then , started rejoicing that she met me and the coincidences between her life and mine . She reiterated there was an affinity ( yuan2 in chinese ) between us .

Unawarely , without asking my agreement , she blurted out in chinese : " Hahaha ! Another goddaughther ! That's so good ! " .

I froze .

Everything happened so fast . She then gave me a Dunhill pen , a bookmark , her hubby's name card with her name and her contact number on it and asked me to visit her when I'm free . Again , I thought that it would be rude to suddenly reject her . Thus , I joined her in her joy with the thought : " this is a joke . "

In return , I gave her my contact number and my name .

When we reached Pudu Raya , she walked with me , holding my hand like a mother holds her child . Before our paths diverged , she told me to be extra vigilant wherever i went .

Finally , we shook hands and promised to keep in touch .

On my way to the LRT station , i took much thought into what just happened . Should I maintain this rapport between this lady and me ? Or should I just don't care at all ? I decided to just wait and see . Maybe the lady would just forget about me too .

Part II : Tiramisu

I met up with wee sim at the Universiti lrt station . We went to Bangsar's hottest spot to have a bite of the Tiramisu cake that he loved so much .

The cafe is called Alexis . The setting inside Alexis was very classy . You would feel super out of place if you went in with t-shirt and shorts .

The Tiramisu with cognac was very yummy . Not too sweet , not too creamy , not too strong . Just downright perfect .

It cost us whopping RM 13 per slice . Expensive .

The had a variety of cakes . I would want to return to Alexis for other cakes next time .

We went to SS2 and Sungei Wang to shop for clothes then . And I went to KL Sentral when the clock struck 8 pm to take the 8.30pm train to Tampin .

Part III : Trains

After Wee Sim and I parted ways , I went to the platform myself . There were 2 trains waiting to be filled at that moment . I wasn't sure which one to board . The situation there was very busy . People were pushing and entering coaches .

The train on my right had a sign that said it would go to Butterworth while the other train on my left had a sign that said it would go to W.Bahru ( or something like that which I wasn't familiar with ) . I knew where Butterworth was and it was North . Besides , I saw some Tampinese boarding that train . So I boarded the W.Bahru train undefinitely .

Up on the train , I settled down and started reading the novel I brought up . I didn't feel the need to confirm that I was in the right train until it started moving .

Feeling very insecure and uncertain , I ask the man beside me where the train was heading to .

To my shock , he said : " Kelantan " .

@$%*# , I was on the wrong train !!

I jumped up and quickly headed to the door . But by that time , the train was gaining speed already . At one point , I felt like opening the door and jump out the coach like in the movies . Then again , all those action were done by the stunt men . And i wasn't a trained one . I would have broken all the bones in my body if i were to jump out from the train . That was a stupid idea .

Then , a lady who passed by told me that i could only get out of the train at Kajang . My plan to the problem was to get down at Kajang , take the komuter to Seputeh and follow my aunty ( who was going back to Tampin ) back home .

So I called my aunty , to see if she had left KL . Unfortunately , she was already half-way there and was in Seremban at the moment .

At that moment , I felt like crying . My heart throbbed rapidly . I shivered with fear . I had cold sweat . I panicked .

I told my aunty about my predicament . I told her that I had boarded the train to Kelantan and would be stopping at Kajang . At first , she suggested that I went to my uncle's house instead of coming back to Tampin .

Then it hit me . Why did the train pass by Midvalley , Seputeh and heading to Kajang next ? It was on the path towards Seremban . I told my aunty immediately .

Then everything started falling into place . The train WAS going to Kelantan . But , it was going south first and then , make a U-turn towards the north .

Those were music to my ears . I felt so relieved . I was going back to Tampin tonight after all .

It was blur and stupid of me to have undefinitely boarded the train without asking around .

My brain must be very rusty . Hai ... Very blur these days .

A lesson learnt . I'm sure I'll never repeat it again . I'll kill myself if i do .


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