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Tampin Hill

Date: Thursday, August 21, 2008
Time: 9:35 AM

My neighbour , my two brothers and I went to climb Tampin Hill today .

Normally , my trips to the hill would just end at the small waterfall at half-way up the hill . But , this time I climbed with my 2 brothers up to the peak .

Our climb started around 7.15 am . The distance of our journey up the hill was measured by the electricity poles . The poles starts from 1 . You'll reach pole number 44 when you are half-way up the hill .

After pole number 44 , the path to the peak was really spooky . The course was entirely empty , as if its haunted . The trees hid behind mist .

My two brothers

It was a struggle to reach the summit . It route was steep and we didn't know how many poles we had to pass to arrive at the top . We wondered what was behind each turning .

And finally , after an hour of perpetual climbing , we reached the peak . The weather up there was cooling .

After a tiring climb , we just had to have prove . Here's our evidence . My neighbour chickenend out half way up . So , no photos of him .

Elder brother

Younger brother

Me :)

Tampin Hill is a good place for cardio workout . It really keeps your heart pumping .

If you are out of shape , this is the best place to slim yourself down . I've heard that a super overweight guy ( Tampin-ese ) climbed the hill each evening , and after a while , he was found super healthy looking .

If you ever visit Tampin , Tampin Hill is one of the spots you should not miss .

Plus , its good for camwhoring .


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