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Lonely no more

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2008
Time: 4:37 PM

I should be rejoicing . I should be showing gratitude . I should be overjoyed . But , somehow . I am not feeling anything close to happy about it .

I have been staying alone in B-23-3 for 2 weeks now . Despite how solitary it seems , I enjoyed and relished in the 2 weeks of loneliness . I had great fun having my orientation group buddies over for discussion , watching Grey's Anatomy and playing dress up in my room. I had fun turning the music volume till it was full blast . I had fun having the peacefulness of the night and beautiful lights of KL accompany me .

However , I won't be able to enjoy all that anymore .

A girl , S , will be moving into the condominium this coming Sunday . Like I said , I should be happy that I won't be alone in the condo anymore . But , seriously , I am not really happy .

I don't know much about her . Just know that she's from Shah Alam and in the same batch as me in IMU . She got my number from a friend of her's that i know . OK . That's fine with me .

On thursday , she came with her dad to view the place . I thought it would be best to be friendly and try to get to know a bit more about who she is . So , I marched up to her with the biggest smile on my face saying , " Hi , I am Shi Yi . "

So I made my move . Hoping that she would do the same . I was there , waiting , ...

Come on , come on , say something ...

Instead , nothing came out of her mouth . Okay , wait , she smiled . But , well , I expected an intro or a hand shake from her , after all we'll be condo-mates soon .

Its too early for me to judge what kind of person she is . A lot of "What if-s" have been popping up into my head .

My major worry is that she'll only mess and not clean . My skills of cleaning has earned me compliments from the owner's mother . I sure hope that my hard work of keeping it spic and span won't go into the the drain just because of S .

And I really , really , REALLY hate to clear up mess that isn't mine .

What if she's bitchy ? What if she's a slob like the previous pharmacy girl who stayed there ?
What if I wanted to use the bathroom and she wanted to use it too ? What if she turned out to be noiser than me ?

I hope she's not what I think she is .

Orientation was SUPERB ! Will post about it after I get the photos.


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