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Date: Saturday, September 13, 2008
Time: 12:59 AM

Symbiosis or mutualism is the relation between 2 species of organisms that are interdependent ; each gains benefits from the other .

This is the case for me and S .

First off , my predictions of how S would turn out to be were 80% wrong . S proved to be friendly , talkative , filled with laughter and ... a bit blur .

I managed to break the ice on the day she moved in . I perceived from her speech that she did not feel comfortable speaking English . When I started chatting with her in Chinese , that was when the ice berg cracked .

S is OK after all . She doesn't mess up the condominium . And doesn't bother or disturb me when I'm asleep or anything .

But , after staying under the same roof for a week , I realize ... S is sticking to me . Stick as in kind of like glued to me .

I see her in the mornings when I walk to class . She sits beside me in class . She leaves the class with me . She meets my friends with me . She follows me out for lunch . She takes lunch with me .She goes home together with me . She watches movies with me in the afternoons . She goes jogging with me . She takes dinner with me . Basically , she's 95 % of the time with me . The other 5 % is when we are with our PBL groups and sleeping .

Thank God , she doesn't bath with me .

This is what happened everyday for the pass 1 week.

After one whole week of S , I'm a bit sick and tired of talking to her . I wonder why she doesn't meet up and mingle around with her orientation group mates . What about other friends ?? I am her only friend ??

However , S coming to stay here isn't all that bad and ugly to me . In some way , I need her . I need her company when walking to class . I need her company when I come face to face with trouble in B-23-3 . I need her to talk to me when I need someone to talk to . I need a place other than my room to go to when I am bored and stressed out .

Most importantly , I really really need internet . In which , she has .

I THINK , in some way , she needs me too . Somehow , at times , I feel that I need to help her out at making new friends , taking initiative in befriending or talking to others and learning to be independent ( which is equally important to what I need from her ! )

I need her . She needs me .

I benefit from her . She benefits from me .

Symbiosis .


Ee Teen ! Happy Birthday ! Have a blessed birthday . Hope you like the donuts and small little perfume :)


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