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Alexis and Mahjong Night

Date: Saturday, October 11, 2008
Time: 12:53 PM

KL is the super power house of all kinds of entertainment you can find . You can practically relish in any kind of entertainment that pops up in your head .

It can be both fun and frustrating . The fun part is when the party is on . The frustrating part is the hang overs and procrastination of studies/homeworks .

I am beginning to like it here .

Our Professor Hla Yee Yee taught us how we should schedule our weekly activities . She mentioned that we should leave Friday night out from any textbooks , homework , pens , paper and pencil .

So that's what me and 3 other musketeers did ( Pik Yin , Olive and Daniel ) .

Alexis Bistro Live Performance

We went to Alexis in Ampang for a live performance by Yoshiro Okazaki with the Lewis Pragasam Band .

While the musicians played their jazz music , we sipped coffee and nibbled on a slice of cake .

Yoshiro Okazaki is one of the busiest musician in Japan . His trumpeting skills are really classic . Whereas , Lewis Pragasam band members had the musical endowment everybody wished they had . Together , they worked up a musical havoc that totally left audiences awestruck .

I first stepped into Alexis with a " I'm here for the food and chit-chats with friends " attitude . When the live performance commenced ; when the lights dimmed ; when jazz music started to fill the air ; then only did i realize ... oh how wrong I was .

The live performance started around 10.30pm and ended around 1.00am . After that , everybody head back to my place for Mahjong Night !

Mahjong at Vista B

I started off knowing nuts about Mahjong . With the help of Olive and Pik Yin , the grand Mahjong masters ,and Daniel , the pro newbie , I managed to hon my Mahjong playing skills .

We started playing at 2 am .

I think we played a total of 5 rounds ... In those five rounds ... I was always the one second to last or the one who " bankrupted " first . Through the whole 6 hours of Mahjong , I only won 2 or 3 times . While my friends were constantly winning making me wonder if i was jinxed ( I had a very very swueeeeh day on Thursday ) .

All in all , I had fun . The amount of untouched snack we bought tells me that this is the first of all Mahjong nights .

There's more to come .

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