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Date: Saturday, October 25, 2008
Time: 3:23 AM

The last two weekends were one whole Disney land rollercoaster ride.

Conquered the Klang Pacers 12 km run and Mizuno wave run .

Klang Pacers run wasn't as good and challenging as the Mizuno wave run. It didn't have much scenery amd the whole route was really dusty .

Mizuno wave run involved running uphills and downhills . Running uphill isn't fun at all. It can be really demoralizing , after running a few meters of uphills , the slope goes on upwards. But then again , the higher and steeper the slope is , the more downhills there are .

The best thing was , I got souvenirs !

Lucky number D042

I really love the Mizuno vest . Super light !

Other free souvenirs i got .

Counter pain . Didn't use it at all .

Other stuff that i didn't use .

Some souvenirs i used :)

My priceless valuables : the medals . ( Not every runner have these babies )

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