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Zinger burger ROCKS!

Date: Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Time: 9:18 PM

Its not the healthiest burger , its not the cheapest burger nor the most expensive one , it does not have much magnetism as Carl's Junior burgers or Semabok burgers .

At RM5.60 , I think its worth it lo . Even though people say that its shrinking day by day .

Its super -- very -- seriously -- really -- reallyreally -- reallyreallyreally yummy .

If you haven't taken a bite out of it , well , its worth starving yourself for a day to save up RM5.60 .

yummy yummy crunchy zinger

If you had tried it , and you don't like it . Come to me . I'll tell you all the good things about KFC Zinger Burger .

I won't rest until you say you like it !

Chua Shi Rui if bro didn't buy the pendrive , I would have bought you a Zinger burger . More worth it !
Happy 14th birthday !
Happy Birthday !


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