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Bad habit

Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Time: 8:26 PM

I have a seriously super bad habit . Very very bad , unhygienic one .

And it comes on every time i start studying .

The habit causes me to lose concentration in my studies .

I try to stop . Normally , i don't do it on purpose . Example : i start studying , the habit starts ( subconsciously ) , after a while , then only do i realize the habit is on again .

Its really disturbing ! I cannot multi-task .

Studying + Bad habit = multitasking --> cannot concentrate 100 % --> get frustrated because by the end of the day , only 50 % enters my brain .

its been years since i had this habit . i think it started probably when i was still in primary school . And even now , i still have it .

I've tried many ways to stop repeating it . And ... really cannot le .

I'm thinking of hypnosis now .

Get somebody to hypnotize me .

Anybody knows a thing or two about hypnotizing ?? or have contacts of a pro-hypnotizer ( don't wanna wake up from the trance thinking that i'm Super girl ) ??


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