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Having internet = Not having Internet

Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008
Time: 2:03 PM

Argghhh ! i cannot stand the sucky internet here .

Want to upload photos and enjoy blogging about something very special to me also cannot !!!

Not only that !

Load one page of KL map also need to load for like ... 30 minutes and its not even complete yet !

That's not all !!!

Everytime , disconnect then disconnect and disconnect some more .

I'm not finished !

It always gives me this " Page load error " . I can memorize whatever that's stated on the page already .

The girl who sold it to S said its because of the rain .

Ya , right ! Rain her head , neck , body and foot la ! Its very rainy lately meh ??!!

So damn frustrating ! No wonder i see so much hair around my computer table .

By the way , its M broadband .


Posted by Paus are delicious