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Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008
Time: 7:42 PM

I don't like cooking .

I don't like the process of making a meal to eat .

I prefer it ready , laid on the table , set to be eaten .

I don't like the cleaning part too .

I prefer not to get my hands wet , oily and soaked in detergent .

You can say that I am lazy , spoilt ... whatever you can come up with .

But , why go into so much trouble to fill your tummy right ?

Normally , I would cater food . That means , sit back , wait , and have the food sent straight to my door . And it cost RM3.50 . Plus , its really yummy .

Sadly , sometimes , the caterer would take a break . And that would mean I have to cook .

Here's what I've tried so far .

Egg with canned tuna

Boiled broccoli with oyster sauce

Hong Kong szechuan flavoured noodles with sausages

Took me and my housemate an hour plus to prepare , cook , eat and wash up .

Could have finish 2 episodes of Ugly Betty with that time .

Nonetheless , it was yummy . And we were satisfied .

And from now . I'll refer S as Sin Dee . Coz i've grown very close to her . Turns out , she's not to "sticky" after all. These days , i am the sticky one . She's Very chatty . Some times , we can talk and crap for more than 2 hours .

Sindee and Me , ready for food

PS :
Does she look like Qing Liang ?? Coz those who had seen her says she does .

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