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Ladies' day out

Date: Thursday, December 11, 2008
Time: 11:35 PM

Met up with Bao Ling in Time Square on the 30th of November .

We went for Star Buck's coffee . Had a coupon from The Sun newspaper which offered a free pomegranate peach ice blended with the purchase of a Dark Cherry Mocha of any size .

The Dark Cherry Mocha tasted great like all coffee at Star Bucks . But , not the pomegranate peach ice blended . Well , it was f.o.c .

My advice , don't splurge on anything besides their coffee at Star Bucks . It would be a total waste of money . I'm serious . The ice blended pomegranate peach i had tasted just like syrup in ice . Its a drink you can D.I.Y at home .

Anyway , we got our not-really-sore feet rubbed . It was really good . Especially the part where my vertebras made noises when the masseuse twisted my back .

Ever had your foot rubbed professionally before ??

Magical ?

Encourages the release of the body's happy chemicals . It does .

Don't we look happy ?

Christmas decorations were up . I think the " creative bone " in Time Square's staff is missing . Not really very spectacular decorations compared to Midvalley or the other shopping malls .

This was on the 30th . Met up with Bao Ling again at Midvalley last weekend .

And lucky me , Seok Ling ( from Upper 6 Sc Alfa ) , Swee Chern and ... Koh Tung ( Swee Chern's boy boy ) were in the building too :) Had dinner with them at Kim Gary .

Went home a happy girl that day :)

PS :
SC and KT are so close too each other . Wished I had what they have now :'(


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