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Just a thought that came up

Date: Friday, January 9, 2009
Time: 4:42 PM

About boy-girl relationships

Why do people get into relationships ? A very wise teacher of my had once said that people get into relationships because they want to get married .

To get married is to stay together forever . Going through pain and sufferings together . To take care of your spouse when they are sick or even till they are terminally ill or bedridden .

I'm no veteran in relationships . I'm no love guru . But , yeah , i've been in relationships . OK . Just 2 .

But , 2 very different ones . Both weren't " love at first sight " relationships .

The 1st was an on-and-off relationship with a guy i would refer to as 'X' . X and i studied in the same class , went to the same tuitions , and stayed in the same town . It was a short-distance relationship where i would be able to meet him whenever i want to . Because everywhere in Tampin is just 5 minutes away from home .

And the 2nd relationship is with a guy i would refer as "Z" . Z stays in Melaka while I stay in Tampin . And now , we study at different universities in Kuala Lumpur . We don't meet up each day . Because if compared , Tampin would be a 5 cent coin and KL would be a round man-hole cover . Getting to places in KL in just 5 minutes would be ... hallelujah , praise the Lord .

X is a simple guy who has no particular interest in seeking a glamorous life and aims instead for satisfaction . The kind of guy who is a joker but keeps himself humble and low-profiled . X is fun but not as fun to be with as Z . X is more of a listener than a talker . X is loyal and his efforts show clearly that he wants the relationship to last and maintained . Good-hearted , caring and showers me with the attention i need from him . He would always be there for me automatically . But , X is sometimes oversensitive and transforms into the green-eyed monster easily . Thus, this makes him a little bit obsessive sometimes and making me feel that i am under his control . When it comes to having fights and if he was in the wrong, he would appologize , knowing what the problem was and we would reconcile .

Z , on the other hand , is no simple guy seeking for mere satisfaction . Z is a dreamer who seeks a glamorous life . He is a joker and indulges in attention from the crowd . To say that he is low-profiled , that would be SO wrong . Z is fun , unpredictable and interesting to be with and to talk to . He doesn't get jealous easily . And i would have more freedom and need not worry that my actions would be a problem to him . He would be there for me , though , on my call . But , Z doesn't give me the attention that i need . Contrary to X , he is overinsensitive . Z is never the one to start a fight . Well , we had never really did fight before . When a problem arises , most of the time , Z would simply put the fault on me for thinking too much and treat the matter with disregard . Though , we still reconcile without alleviating the problem . Hence , problems accumulate and are left unsolved and refreshed when another problem arises .

Based on appearance , both have their strong points and weak points . But both , considerably , boleh tahan and boleh tengok and tengok lebih lama sikit pun tak bosan .

Z has what X lacks . And X has what Z lacks .

These are the 2 guys that i've let into my life .

I'm wondering if there's a guy who is a combination of both X and Z's strong points .

X + Z ---> Y

Let's refer to him as Y then .

Y would be fun , interesting , unpredictable , aims for a glamorous life , would be there for me automatically , caring , gives me the attention i need , medium-profilled , solves problems and appologizes when he is wrong instead of putting the fault on my overimaginative brain .

But , then again , usually ( i'm hoping that i'm wrong ) , guys like Y would lack something else that's very important .

Y would either come in the form of Shrek or Donkey . Or come in the form of a man with a head of white hair with saggy muscles and wrinkled skin . Or a guy who calculates 1 + 1 and gets 1 for an answer .

No perfect guy in this world i guess .

But , if you were in my Vincci shoes , who would you pick ? X or Z ?

Who would be the better man ( or lady ) for you ?

PS :
If you know who X and Z is , shhhhh ... =)
But still tell me what you think .


Posted by Paus are delicious