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Date: Thursday, February 5, 2009
Time: 3:35 PM

I don't like PBL !!!

PBL stands for Problem Based Learning . There are 2 sessions of it per week .

In the first PBL . You get a trigger / a case / a scenario .

Then you discuss with your group of 10 students about the issues to be learnt from this trigger .

After the first discussion , everybody goes home and starts researching on the topics and learning issues . Those people who are super hardworking would go to the library and search the books instead .

Our PBL group members change each semester... If you are very "ong" , then you'll get all the introverts . If you are "sueeeeh '' , you become the introvert .

On thursdays( 2nd PBL session ) - DOOMS DAY , i would say , we throw out everything that we've researched.

This semester . Nilesh Kumar Mitra is my PBL facilitator . About Nilesh , he's the super anatomist , the one who knows A-Z about anatomy . He's a Sri Langkan . And ... in anatomy ... terms are in Latin . Put together Sri Lang Ka accent and Latin terms , you get a medic student with suicidal thoughts .

I am not going to say that he's a bad facilitator . In fact , he is a very good one . But , so much details , all which sound like alien language to us ... well not all , but , me of course .

There's this guy in PBL who is super super knowledgeable . He could talk in the same alien language as Nilesh . And i heard that he 's older than any of us students and he might even have a wife already . Im wondering if he'd graduated with a Microbiology degree . This super student answers all Nilesh's questions . The good thing about that is that he saves other PBL mates of the awkward silence when nobody has anything to say. Plus , we can actually learn a lot from him . The bad thing about this is that he dominates the PBL . which means that he might be the reason to why i fail my PBL in future .

Some how , i don't dare to speak up . I don't dare to cease the opportunity from others to speak my mind . I search a lot and read up but it always turn out irrelevant .

I think i have to change my method of preparing for PBL .

There are 10 PBL sessions in this semester .

1 down . 9 more to go .


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