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Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Time: 7:10 PM

Why do you need a scholarship ?

I need this scholarship because i want to lighten my parents burden . I need a scholarship because medical school is very expensive . Especially in IMU . One semester in phase 1 cost RM 28600 . And phase 2 RM 30000 . All together , a medical course in IMU would cost RM 380000 . All these exclude accommodation and food . Adding to that , medical books are very expensive . One text book cost more than RM 100 .
I have 3 more siblings who needs support in their education . One of my brother is also pursuing a medical career in Russia and the fees is also very costly .
I have a younger sister who needs support in her studies too .
Adding to that , my grandparents both maternal and paternal side , are ill . My grandfather is undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer . His medication reaches a RM 1000 per month. My parents are working their best to support us in our studies and my grandparents . I love my parents for their sacrifice and hard work .To be able to complete my studies and be a successful person is one way to repay. And this scholarship is what i need to be able to complete my studies .

Q2 Why do you deserve this scholarship more than anyone else ?

Because I really need it . I'm hardworking and determined . I'm doing well in my studies . I'm good at sports and I'm active in co-curricular activities . Adding to that , I would make a good representative of a Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman scholar . Above all that , because I'm honest and myself .

Q3 What makes you different from anyone else ?

I have a intense drive inside of me . This drive gives me the ability to reach for the goals and dreams and even the unreachable . If you asked me a question , and i didn't know the answer to it , i would tell you i don't know . But i bet you that i know how to find the answers . And i will find the answers . That determination makes me stand out from the rest .

Q4 Why do you choose a certain field of study?
I choose medicine because i want to serve the community .And i feel that healing is the best way to serve the community . Its not about the money earned . Its not about the title in front of my name . Its about helping others by trying to relieve their pain . And bringing back that smile on their faces . Knowing that I made a difference in a person's life gives me satisfaction .

***Update : They didn't ask any of those questions today . Instead , they asked :

1) Do you know the meaning of selective
2) Do you know the meaning of exclusive
3) Do you know why Bahasa Malaysia is so important

zzz ... i can wave goodbye to the scholarship already .

Out of 200 + they selected 70 for interview . Out of 70 they'll pick 7 for a camp . Out of 7 , they'll pick 3 students for scholarship . Out of 3 of them , they'll pick 1 medical student .

Impossible ... plus i screwed all the questions they asked me


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