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Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Time: 4:11 AM

I met an engineer in the the lift the other day when i was on my way up to my unit . Our conversation started only when he was about to reach his level , which was the 18th floor .

He initiated the conversation by asking me if I was a medical student from IMU , and which year i was in . Seeing that he was friendly and did not show any signs of pervertness , i reciprocated his questions .

After a while , he was talking to me about how he completed engineering school faster than others . He told me that he finished his course faster because when others were happily enjoying their holidays , he and a bunch of his friends were ahead others , studying to pass the next semester of studies under a professor who tutored them .

He suggested I do the same . Upon those words , I was thunderstrucked . @#$%^& How was that possible for my case ?! Holidays are the only time the word "study" isn't in my list of vocabulary . NO NO NO .

By the time we finished our conversation on academics , he was already on his floor and my index finger was on the " open" button of the lift for 5 minutes . But after that , we continued talking about his life , where he stayed and bla bla ... He even told me how he got cheated by a student who did not pay the rent .

Thankfully , our conversation did not last up to an hour . Otherwise , my index finger would have lost its function and remained bend for the rest of my life .

I found a new friend =]


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