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Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Time: 3:09 AM

Someone just lied . Professionally . But , too bad , after putting all the effort of telling the lie , that someone is still unable to lie pass a MHS Beta brain . I feel so embarrassed for her . Imagine yourself telling lies to people who you plan to cheat . These people , know more than you'd expect . And after telling the lie , u found out that they actually watched you lie to them . In this scenario , I am the one watching her lie .

How can someone just lie without blinking ? How can someone make up lies so that she would seem noble and as innocent as a 3 year old and ... not feel a single guilt at all ?

Its really funny , as I rewind my thoughts back to the seconds she crapped . I still remember every movement she made and the tone she used when she lied . Its still fresh in my head .

You must be wondering what is it that she lied about . And maybe who she is .

Here goes .

So , the utility bills came in yesterday ... I came back , jaw dropped upon hearing the numbers . Each of us had to pay RM 150 which means . RM 75 per month per person . I would consider this expensive . Before she moved in , our bill was RM 30+ per person for 2 months . Each month would cost RM 15 + only ... Now , its 5 times increased . I couldn't believe the numbers i heard .

Side track a bit . Some relevant details you need to know . We'll label the " she " i'm referring to as C ( C for cheater , con artist , orang celaka , child's play ) and we'll label my other friend who's annoyed by C as A .

Its not the first time she got me and A disliking her . Its been like that for quite some time now . Me and A would always sit in the kitchen and complain about C . Mainly complaining about C's actions and the amount of electric and water C uses . You would need to stay under the same roof with C to really experience how it feels .

Back to the question . What did she do ? In short , she used too much electricity and water . And neither me nor A want to pay for the amount of electric and water she uses . Because , from my point of view , its not fair . I don't want to pay for what I am not using . If we equally divided the bill , that would mean A and I would be paying for the water and electricity C used . It would be a deed to help her pay off part of the bill . But , i 'd prefer walking the elderly across the road .

Yesterday night , A and I confronted her . I was the one who rolled the ball . We started off by talking about the electric bill because it was the electric bill that was the trouble . So , i suggested that all 3 of us practice abstinence . I proposed that all 3 of us refrain from using the air con for a month to see if there was any significant difference in the electric bill the next month . After having said that , C said " Actually , I haven't been turning on the air con since A's fan broke down because my skin bla bla bla ... and bla on somemore unreasonable excuses. " That .. was the first lie . A's air con broke down a month plus ago . It was just yesterday she and her bf enjoyed air con the whole night . It was just last week that she came out from her room wearing a scarve complaining that the air con was too cold . It was just last last week that the chilly air from her room cooled my feet when i stepped out from my room .

It just took a milisecond to register that she told a lie . Yup , and she made it seem that she was innocent . In a way , I could feel that she was blaming A and me ( coz my fan broke down recently ) for the elevation in the electric billl . I could rebut her because my fan broke down only last week , and the bill for last week is not accounted in this bill but the bill for next month . A , on the other hand , couldn't say anything . We moved on to the water bill .

The water bill was cheap . Even though it was cheap , I still felt the need to fairly pay for the bill . As C uses more water , A and I proposed that she paid extra . And she said ," Actually , i don't mind paying extra for water bill , but i only wash clothes ONE extra time ( she did emphasise the word " one " ) from both of u , don't tell me ,that, you also want to count . " That was the 2nd lie .

Kiss my gluteus maximus ( butt ) ok . A and I washed clothes once per week , using 35 litres of water each time and sometimes 45 litres of water . C , on the other hand , washes her clothes 3 times per week using 35 to 45 litres of water each time . I ain't stupid . I have eyes . I observe . I'm not dumb . I know I'm not the brightest . I know my brain slow a bit . BUT , 3 times is 3 times per week . Not ONE . And C could lie that she only washed extra 1 time compared to me and A . Totally not true at all .

When she lie , she's like damn kesian . The face like damn innocent . But then it has no effects on us gals . Too bad for her .

My other friend whom she was once closed to told me that C's ex housemates had the same problem with her . They didn't use air con . C's the only one in the unit who used air con . And after she moved in . The electric bill shot up . Consequently , the exhousemate kejam kejam force her to pay . And i think she did .

Besides this , A feels very annoyed by her actions . In a way , C doesn't give respect to A . And A has a soft spot . She'll help C despite the fact that its against her will . Lately, A complains much more about her to me . Can see that she already tak boleh tahan . A even said that she want to move out from this unit . Hope she changes her mind and stays on . Otherwise , things will turn out very ugly .

I know that C occasionally reads my blog . I'm not going to apologize . If she does read it , very good then . Save me the trouble of telling it to her face . Saves her the embarrassment too . She's lost our trust and respect .

At least , we know now what she's capable of .

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