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Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Time: 7:01 PM

New system - Haematology which is the study of blood cells and blood disorders - has just commenced .

New system = new plans .

no.1 - no more procrastinating !!!! no more !!!! Studying last minute is never never a good thing . And procrastinating 2 weeks of lectures are never a wise thing to do . And also going out so often despite the procrastination of the mountainous pile of lecture notes is just very good for your mental health if u want to admit yourself into Tanjung Rambutan .

no.2 - sleep and eat properly . My sleeping and eating habits for the last 9 weeks was so screwed and messed up . The most screwed up time i woke up was 1 am to start my day . And whenever i wake up . I need caffeine in my blood . And with my cup of coffee i need my beloved Heong Piah . And that's my breakfast at 1 am .

no.3 - study before lectures . It really helps a lot to study before the lectures when your lecturer is a foreigner who gives his lectures in English but sound like Tamil and as if he was rushing to the toilet to relief his bladder . Besides , its always good to know your facts well before going to the Skills Center session ( its a 2 hour session of learning clinical skills ) or get mocked and made fun by your Skill Center lecturer ( will post something on this some day ) .

Right . That's 3 new plans i have in mind . Need to rush off to meet my mentor for his signature for my electives .

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