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Date: Friday, September 4, 2009
Time: 4:27 AM

Do you know what happened today ?

I met a guy . A very sweet guy . So this is what happened .

I was down at the Emo Bookstore ( a very emo bookstore indeed ) deciding whether to get a book on Haematology . Being undecisive like usual , a 5 minute trip to the bookstore turned to be a 45 minute trip there .

While in the bookstore , there was this senior paying for his selection of books . Upon hearing my queries to the bookstore keeper , he spontaneously gave me advices on whether to buy the book or not .

That's how the conversation started . From Haematology books , it continued on to Summatives exam , to Semester 5 exam , to tips on studying for End of Semester 3 examination , to where from , to names , to people we knew in common , to general topics like food and eventually to Facebook and E-mails .

Apparently , he's in Semester 6 now and will be heading to Glasgow today , 4/9/09 - twinning programme . Plus , he's from Ampang . He was very willing to share tips and his experiences in studying in IMU . Me and Siew Lyn ( PBL mate ) kind of exhausted him with questions . But he was kind enough to answer them all .

After talking at the bookstore for about 45 minutes , we decided that it was time to leave . And he offered to walk me back ( minor info : i'm staying in the condominium right opposite IMU which is just a 5 minute walk from uni ) . He walked me way till the condominium lif which i think was a very sweet thing to do .

Guys nowadays are RARELY that " gentleman" . Well , at least for me . Not many guys like this cross my path . It can be nothing to you , but to me , this is jaw dropping . Forgive the Suagu-ness of this small town girl .

I put my blog address on FB . Hope that mr.gentleman won't discover it . Very embarassing lo if he read this post .

But then , if he somehow discovers this place .. ermmm ... Mr.Senior , you are very gentleman .

Eh , single guys out there, all must learn from him ( kao lui technic ) . =D

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