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Sushi Zanmai

Date: Saturday, September 5, 2009
Time: 9:35 PM

Sushiiiii ! Its been quite sometime since i had sushi . Went to Sushi Zanmai in the Gardens with Zhi Lin yesterday .

Why sushi zanmai ? Because everybody said it was better than Sushi King . And yup , it was Gooooood . I would definitely go for a second round .

Soft shell crab was on promotion . We ordered their Soft Shell crab Salad . And also their soft shells crab sushi rolled in caviar . Both were delicious . Cukup taste . Cukup special .

Ordered their teriyaki grilled salmon too . This one , so so only . The sushi on the belt were quite good too . Each sushi offered something different .

this ain't the teriyaki salmon, stop looking for the brown sauce

If compared between sushi zanmai and sushi king , I would say Sushi Zanmai wins in terms of variety and quality of food .

As for the price . I'm not too sure . Some said that Sushi Zanmai was cheaper . The cheapest plate of sushi on the belt was for RM 1.80 and our soft shell crab sushi was RM 6 for 6 of it .

Our bill came up to RM 34 per person . RM 34 for a plate of Teriyaki salmon . 3 Soft shell crab sushi . Soft shell crab salad . 6 plates of sushi from the belt which cost average RM 5 per plate . RM 34 for a full tummy , quality food , variety and good service .

I give it double thumbs up !


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