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I Love Running

Date: Monday, October 12, 2009
Time: 11:45 PM

I enjoy running . It is some sort of medication for my soul . It never fails to lift me up .

Only recently , i experienced running as a form of torture .

I just came back from Road Relay competition which involved running 2.9km . Each team consist of 5 people . 3 guys and 2 girls .

Flashes of what happened just now is running through my head now .

First runner from our team sped off . He was fast . But others were faster . We were 4th .

2nd runner received the baton . We managed to catch up . We were near 3rd .

3rd runner threw his leg forward the furthest he could . And we were 3rd .

I was the 4th runner . With the baton in my hand , i ran as fast as my fat leg brought me . Up the first slope . I see the runner of the next team just a bit ahead of me ... The team which was leading ( no.1 ) was no where in sight . Sigh . How long till i see her ? I thought . And i continued running but at a more comfortable pace .

"I can do this . I can do this . Don't stop .She's just a few steps away. Don't stop . Speed up ." I kept repeating to myself . After the checkpoint , i passed the girl who was ahead of me . On down , one more to go . I could hear See Wei cheering for Taurus ( our team ) . " Time to hit 4th gear ". From then on . My head was totally blank .It was dark . I couldn't see where i was running . My muscles were filled with lactic acid . I'm 2nd now . I came to a curb . Roshnee and Cyril ( my team mates who were there as marshals ) were there . They came close to me . I heard them cheering . " Come on Shi Yi . You can do it Shi Yi " I heard Roshnee's voice . I heard Cyril's voice . I passed the curb . And i saw my opponent . I could see that she was struggling . So was I . I felt like stopping . I really really did wanted to stop . But i couldn't . " Its just that bit further . Overtake her . Mess with her confidence . " All kinds of strategies suddenly flooded my mind .

I reached the slopes . " Open stride . Open stride . " A Tip from Jia Wei ( my team mate ) before the run started . First slope accomplished . A 100 meter flat road ahead . Then came the 2nd slope down . I was closer to her now . Just a few faster and bigger strides , and i'll be ahead of her . When should i pass her ? Would i be sprinting too early to the finish line . " SPRINT and go ALL OUT from the sign board . " Another tip from Jia Wei before the run . And i passed my opponent .

I felt my heart pumping so hard . "PUSH ON. Just a little more " The finish line was in sight . I had to tell myself that . Even though , it felt so far away . " She's catching up . She's catching up . All out now "

I sprinted the last 100meters . And it was then . I felt like crying . I really wanted to stop . It was such a terrible feeling . Painful . A torture . But , how could i stop when i was so near the finish line . "Come on , Come on " i repeated in my mind . I breathed so hard , I think a few leaves actually flew off the ground . After a few more breath , i was sounding out the words " come on, come on " when i exhaled. I wonder if anyone heard me .

I saw Jia Wei waiting with his palms stretched out to me . He was ready to speed off as the last runner of our team . I picked my legs up for the last time . Pushed my muscles to the maximum . Placed the baton in his palms . There ... My battle was over .

We were leading for that few moments till the last runner of the other team caught up . We came in 2nd . It was just 10 seconds difference . But , i was really happy . Happy that i pushed myself .

I really needed to get my thoughts here . . . Its been quite some time since i pushed myself that hard . All thanks to running . I now know i can achieve my goals if i pushed myself hard enough. It just takes a little bit of determination and endurance . And if you could endure that few moments of pain until the very end . You are a winner .

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