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Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Time: 12:32 AM

Man gets nod from wives and court to marry a fourth

KUALA TERENGGANU: A property negotiator has received the blessings of his three wives to wed his newfound sweetheart who is 30 years younger than him.

The Syariah High Court approved the application of Abu Bakar Embong, 54, after it found that the father of 25 children met all the prerequisites under Islamic law to take a fourth wife.

Judge Shaikh Ahmad Ismail granted Abu Bakar, who also has three grandchildren, permission to take Suhaili Alias, 25, as his wife.

Shaikh Ahmad advised Abu Bakar to be fair to all his wives, tend to the religious needs of his children, and take his three wives on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Abu Bakar has fathered 11 boys and 14 girls from his three marriages, with the youngest being four months old and the eldest 25 years.

“The court had considered the affidavit submitted by Abu Bakar, where he stated that he earned RM20,000 a month and had provided houses and cars for each of his wives,” the judge added.

“Therefore, with consent from his wives, the court allows Abu Bakar to marry a fourth wife.”

His three wives – Asnah Jusoh, 46, Mazumi Ismail, 45, and Norazlina Ariffin, 25, – all from Kampung Telok Manir here, also told the court that they had no qualms about their husband marrying another.

The wives later told reporters that their husband was a loving, fair and responsible man and they had arranged for him to marry .Suhaili, who is unemployed.

When met, Abu Bakar said there was no secret to keeping all his wives happy, but he believed in treating them equally.

“As long as I can afford another wife and am strong, I don’t see why I can’t marry,” added Abu Bakar, who married his first wife at the age of 19.

Why does he need 4 wives .. no , i mean , why does he need more than one wife ?? The Star newspapers states that ABE ( Abu Bakar Embong ) wanted to expand his family with his fourth marriage . ABE has fathered 11 boys and 14 girls .. 25 's the number of children that he ALREADY has ... And the 3 grandchildren .. 28 growing kids + 4 happy well-fed wives + 1 greedy guy = 33 mouths to feed .

The benefits of having 4 wives :
  • *censored* a five-some is possible
  • wives gain 3 extra BFFs ( shopping buddy , facial buddy , korean drama buddy, cooking buddy , gossip buddy ) providing all 4 live in harmony.
  • gatherings will be merrier- 4 different wives four famillies .
  • flaunt around with the certificates of four different marriage
The boos of having 4 wives with a total of 25 children:
  • wives may plot to murder
  • too many complaints to layan
  • too many in-laws to impress
  • sky-rocketting monthly expenditures ( children's tuition fees, newly borns' milk powder , bills , installments for wives' houses and cars , car petrol , food especially rice , clothes , and miscellaneous )
Impact of having 4 wives on children :
  • too much love and care - overindulged and ends up being a spoilt brat .
  • too many brothers and sisters - have problems remembering names and birthdays or recognising them , this may lead to incest .
  • child may runaway from home - lack of attention and nagging mums 1's enough , 3 more's fatal .
  • insufficient fatherly love and guidance- may lead to child's transvestitism .
What i am curious is :
  1. how does he treat his wives equally ?
  2. how does he remember all his children?
  3. why the need to expand when the family is huge enough ?
  4. why the 3 wives ARRANGED the fourth marriage for him and with no qualms ?
  5. how the 25 year old child feels when he addresses the also 25 year old Suhaili as mummy ?
Just look at him . That evil looking smile on his chubby face .. As if he's laughing and stamping on those who are only allowed to have 3 wives , laughing away with : " haha , i got 4 wives and you don't .. muahahaha .. "

But he sure does exude pride and contentment at a age of 54 . Wish him loads and loads of luck !


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