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Help ! I'm a dope !

Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Time: 11:10 PM

Early in the morning , I went to CIMB bank to open a bank account .

Filled out forms , signed here , signed there and waited for the staff to do his magic .

When everything was settled , I was required to key in my pin number .

And so , I went up to the ATM machine and keyed in the numbers I wanted . When I was finished with it , the CIMB ATM machine printed out a receipt ( like how all ATM machines do ) .

Being very curious of the typings on the receipt , I chose to take my own sweet time and read it word by word , while leaving the Bankcard still in the machine .

Just when I reached out my hands for the card , it automatically entered the ATM machine .

And the screen showed something like Maaf sth sth sth . Stating that my card got " eaten " .

I went back to seek help from the staff . But he said they couldn't open the machine as they didn't have the keys to it . Furthermore , he told me that I had to wait till the people from KL who has the key to open it . Therefore , I don't have the card with me now .

I think this was the first time something like this had ever happened in the bank .

The man and the other staff must have thought , " Where got people get Bankcard and lose Bankcard in the same hour one ?"

I feel so embarrassed and stupid and also pathetic .

I did something else that made me felt even more dumb than Dumb and Dumber . It had a straight forward answer to it , but I made the wrong choice . And that cost me ... A LOT ( in terms of cash and emotions ) .

Because of the wrong choice , I lost when I could have easily won .

I felt so terrible today , that I have to keep telling myself , " What's pass is past , tomorrow's a new day and a new beginning . "

Then , I thought to myself . A doctors job involves making decisions and choices . One slight mistake may cost a life . Throughout my 20 years of living , when it comes to situations where I had to make choices , I made a majority of wrong choices .

I worry for my future patients . I worry for their lives . I worry that I'll be a lean mean killing machine .


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