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Wrinkles and White Hair

Date: Friday, September 19, 2008
Time: 10:09 PM

Ma ,

When I was 7 . You scolded me . And i rebelled , saying that you were worser than Cinderella's stepmother . Which then earned me a lecture from Papa .

When I was 9 . Chinese homework were bitter pills to me . You and Papa found out from Miss Yang ( my primary school Chinese teacher ) that I've been accumulating all my Chinese homework for months . Not only that , you found out that I've been lying , a lot , to my teachers . The worst thing was , you also found out that I tried to forge Papa's signature for my Chinese Dictation in which I scored 0 % .

For all that , you caned me with the feather-duster and Papa hit me with his own hands .

When I was 17 , you found out about the relationship I had with a boy at school . For days , I was scolded . For months , I was brain-washed . I cried because I was forced to break up . I cried because of all the things you and Papa were saying to me .

You always commented on some of my clothes . Its always either too tight or too bare . After each comment , a scary stare followed .

You and Papa scolded me , nagged at me , and even caned me ( just a few times ) .

It was never nice to get scolded , nagged or caned . I never did enjoy those moments .

But , I don't hate you and Papa .

I see wrinkles on your faces .
I see strands of white hair over your heads .
There is a tale behind each strand of white hair and each wrinkle on your faces .

Those wrinkles and white hair signify everything .

All those sessions of rebuking , nagging and canning were done for good reasons .

You and Papa have lived in this harsh world for more than half a century now . No doubt , you and Papa have the most experiences than any of us in the family . Both of you know best of what is good and what is not .

Now that I am older .

I realize why Papa lectured me when I made that cruel remark . I realize why you and Papa caned me when I was lazy , lied and tried to forge a signature . I realize what you said about having a relationship and committing to a relationship at such a tender age were true . I understand why you didn't want me in those body hugging and skimpy clothes now .

If asked , what changes I want in my parents , I would say , " They are perfect the way they are . "

Again and again .

I love you Ma . I love you Pa .


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