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Russia , so far

Date: Friday, October 3, 2008
Time: 8:37 AM

My younger bro has gone to Russia . And we miss him to bits .

Mummy misses her most obedient child .

Zhen making mooncakes with my mum

Daddy misses his assistant in the kitchen . ( My dad cooks , seriously-i'm not joking-no need to doubt- why are you still doubting , delicious food )

Elder bro misses his DOTA partner . ( Wanted me to learn how to DOTA so that can play
together-gether with him )

Younger sis misses stupid things the dynamic duo does in Carrefour .

Tortoi , the family tortoise , misses the swimming trips at the condominium pool my younger brother used to go to . ( Tortoi's turning aggresive , it tries to get out from its home a lot nowadays )

It doesn't look aggresive now . Its faking it .

As for me , I miss exchanging problems and stories with him . ( I've turned evil with all the negative energy inside me ) .

Sob Sob ... Russia's so far .


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