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Life. so boring .

Date: Sunday, November 16, 2008
Time: 2:11 PM

Life here's starting to get boring .

I've quit Hip Hop dance class which i joined one month ago . Found it too stressful . Also i realize my body moves ... in a very embarassing manner ... and looks ... very awkward . Plus , everybody is so syncronized in their dance . Except me . It really amplifies my mistakes ... I don't even dare to look at the dance instructor . Well , Im happy that the end of it . Maybe i'll just have some one teach me all the cool easy dance moves .

Exam's in 6 weeks time , everyone should have started revising and preparing for exams . Well , i've started too . I realize that people here are so competitive . People aim to get "As" . I , on the other hand , just plan to , hopefully , sail through these 5 years . Every minute and second counts . They would always be rushing off ... I'm guessing ... must be rushing off to their studies ... I'm thinking whether they would compare results . If they do , if they asked me , i 've came up with a few ways to answer them . Lets say , if i passed my exam , i don't think im going to tell anyone what i got , not even my condomate , i'll just say that they'll see me next semester . or something like that .

Hai ... feeling the pressure . S is always studying . Always borrowing books from the library . Always doing exercises . Always getting me to borrow books so she can use those books too .

i guess i got to work super hard from now . 6 weeks to go . Haven't been studying much lately . taking it really easy . Now , im a bit lost . Got to get all the help from seniors to prepare for this 31st of DECEMBER exam .

I should learn to love studying . HOW aa ?? Possible meh ??

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