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A day of crap

Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009
Time: 11:26 PM

1st crap :

I woke up in the morning with food poisoning . My stomach hurt like hell and i was constantly going in and out the toilet .

Must be the fish i ate yesterday for lunch and dinner . CRAP

2nd crap :

I had to travel to Putrajaya for the Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman interview . Since it was the first time for me to travel by KLIA transit , the station was new to me and I didn't know what their signs meant . I waited for the train to stop on the left side of the platform . 10 minutes passed . No train yet . 20 minutes passed . No train on the left side of the platform yet . 30 minutes . Still none . Little did i know , I should board the train that stopped on the RIGHT side of the platform . In those 30 minutes , I actually missed 3 trains .

Wasted my time when i could have reached Putrajaya in just 15 minutes . CRAP .

3rd crap :

Upon arrival , they gave us a questionaire to be done . There were 3 sections .

The first section consist of 7 yes and no questions . ( Example : Your friend helped you re-write your essay . Improving your essay by leaps and bounds . She could explain what you could not . This helped you attain a higher grade for your essay . Is this considered as academic dishonesty ? )

The 2nd section was 2 essay questions . One in English . One in Bahasa Malaysia . The question asked to pick one of the questions in part 1 and give reasons to your answer .

The 3rd section consists of 2-choice question . We are to circle the statement which is closer to our principles .

The guy who handed me the questionaire did not tell me i had a time limit . I took my own sweet time at part 2 , thinking of as many reasons as i could . Suddenly , he came up to me . Time's up . DANG . I had not even done the question 2 of Part 2 , and also part 3 of the paper .
And so ... I rushed through to finish the paper in 5 minutes without checking at all ...
After that , I had to wait for my turn to be interviewed .

My turn came . I entered the room to see 2 friendly looking fellow with batik attire . I took a seat . And the interview started .

One of the interviewer looked through my questionaire to find a question not answered on the first page . He asked me with a smile , " Why didn't i complete it , didn't I have enough time ? " So i decided to own up to my mistake saying something like ," I had enough time . I guess i was too nervous . " Then he said jokingly ," Doctors can't make mistakes . If they made mistakes , no one would dare to go to hospitals anymore . And I said ( kinda to defend myself ) , " Everyone make mistakes " . Thank God , they laughed . But after that , one of them said ,"You shouldn't say everyone make mistakes . Instead , you should say , everyone makes mistakes but me . "

GOSH , why did i miss out on that question , why did i say that statement ? CRAP

4th crap :

Both the interviewer and I we talking about Tampin . One of the interviewer once date a girl from Tampin . So we were joking and laughing . And the conversation came to a point where we talked about going to tampin . Something like that . And it kinda triggered interviewer no.2 to say , " Its not like we're going to see you again "

wth ... they did not even asked me my ambitions and my reasons for the need of the scholarship and I already know that I'm not getting the scholarship . CRAP

5th crap :

Instead of the normal scholarship questions , he asked me ABOUT the scholarship . So i " bom " what i know ... saying that its a new scholarship , just started this year , bom bom bom ... Manatau , yes , it is a new scholarship , but it started 4 years ago , kena bom back .

Then he started explaining to me that it is a prestigious scholarship and saying that its a exclusive scholarship ... And here's the question , what do you understand about that ...
DANG , i could hear the cricket in my head cricking away ... so i continued bom-ing and continued to be bom-ed back T_______T

I couldn't answer his question on why Bahasa Malaysia is important . I said it was our mother tongue language and bla bla bla ... Used the wrong term . Should have used National Language . Because of that , I kena bom . He corrected me by saying ," BM is not your mother tongue ... your mother tongue is what you speak at home with your paretns .. bla bla bla ..."

Aiyo .... I'm Malaysian . I know BM . Why can't he assume I speak BM with my parent ? CRAP

6th crap :

My friends and I went out for movies at night . Looked through the whole list of movies to watch and couldn't decide on anything. Finally , we picked Sell Out . There were no posters of the movie around the ticket booth . So we assumed it was a horror movie . BUT , no , it wasn't . It was a comedy instead . Its a Malaysian production .

Sell Out was the winner of : Young Cinema Award for Alternative Vision - Venice Film Festival , NETPAC Award -Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Best Film of the Venice Critics Week 2008

Watch the movie . You'll Laugh your ass out . Check out the trailer .

Conclusion , I spent RM10 on a movie full of laugh worthy CRAP

7th crap:

We did not take dinner before entering the cinema . By the time the movie ended , it was already 9 pm . Shops were closing . Just like the movies , we were undecisive of what we planned to eat . We then decided to eat at Sushi Zan Mai . We searched high and low for the restaurant . When we finally found it , there were no more sushi on the conveyance belt .
Then , we decided to just eat anything at the food floor in Midvalley . Again , all shops were cleaning up and closing their doors already .

The only restaurant available was ... KFC . Drank a hot milo there . CRAP .

8th crap , finale :

We waved a taxi to return to Vista Komanwealth . The taxi driver offered RM20 , which was more than double of the normal price . Lim Kian , my friend , managed to bargained till we got a ride at RM 15 . All the way home , the driver was sulking and sulking about the price we offered . And he purposely on the meter to show us the price . Plus , he was speeding all the way .

When we reached our place , the meter stopped at RM11.60 . Got cheated . CRAP .


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