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Date: Saturday, July 4, 2009
Time: 5:38 AM

The new semester has just commenced . Not used to it at all . Notes have started piling . And I don't even care a single bit . Living with no internet ,for already a week now, has driven me into day dream mode . Dwindled away a week of my precious time fikir yang bukan - bukan .

Why am i so slow . Why is my IQ so low . Why don't I remember longer . Why don't i think faster . Why don't i absorb like a sponge . Why do i feel so stupid .

I've lost the drive . Drivey drive , can you please come back ? I've lost part of me . Something's missing . I used to be able to talk . I used to be able to just walk up to anyone and crap . I used to be able to crap something funny , not always , but at least there are times when i do . Now , i am downright boring .

Can someone give me a huge blow . Wake me up .


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