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At last ! Transformation Complete !

Date: Monday, August 31, 2009
Time: 6:53 PM

I'm deeply in love with my new blog skin . Have been meddling with htmls and codes all morning . It all paid off .

My favourite blue . Check .

Calibri font . Check .

Black background . Check .

Quote . Check.

Just the way i want it . Compared to the last one , i think its more me . The last one was so teenage girl . Eeww.

The process was definitely not easy for a html noob like me . Have to thank my sister for helping me so much .

I don't know whether it would turn out the same if viewed from other computers or whether the other computers are able to load the font that i chose for my headings . But , what the heck , I'm happy as long as i can view it , and enjoy viewing it from my computer .

Haven't had much time to blog . But with the new skin in place , hrm ... i think i shall blog more often .

Me heart Me new blog skin . Yippee !

Tell me if the white font strains your eyes . Coz i think it strains mine . Dunno whether to change it .

* update : changed the font to Dotum and colour to light grey. I think it's softer on the eyes .


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