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Date: Saturday, September 5, 2009
Time: 8:47 PM

I'm blogging because i am really bored . No motivation to do anything . Even jogging , the part i love most about everyday , didn't seem so satisfying as before . Now , i'm just vommiting out everything that's in my head now . Right , about jogging . I started running differently . Want to see what happens by the end of 2 weeks . Normally, i run 10 laps around the lake each day . 1 round is approximately 400 meters . So , i tried intervals today . Ran like i was chased by butterflies for 30 seconds , followed by a 1 minute walk . So moodless today , i only ran 12 minutes .

I get very annoyed when ppl bang their doors when they move in and out . Its really really irritating. Especially when you are just a few seconds away from falling into that deep sleep that you really need . All of a sudden , BANG . You wake up . And have to try sleeping all over again . DANG ! Why is it so hard to turn the door knob ? Is there something wrong with your wrist ? GEEEZ . Even while i'm typing this , the door goes Booom BOom POw . Sheesh . STOP BANGING THE DOOOR !

And then . Air con right .. got that remote control to adjust the coldness one . Why need to on until the air con so cold and don't want to adjust the temperature huh ? Instead of adjusting the temperature . Go wear scarve pulak . celaka betul . On so cold need to pay more . if the electric bill and water bill wanna split equally . I'm moving out .

I was bored . Now i'm pissed off =.=


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