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Busy beee ?

Date: Friday, October 2, 2009
Time: 3:48 PM

Arrrgh ! I've been so busy lately .

Actually , no , i think I'm not that busy after all . I just waste a lot of time . Sleeping when i don't need to sleep at all really takes up a lot of time . Ferreting around my cupboard and the refrigerator for food, when i don't feel hungry at all , also takes up a lot of time . I'm so very lazy compared to the days in Semester 1 and 2 and especially form 6 .

I realize i only come to my blog really late at night . Guess that i've found the time when I feel like pouring out my soul and do some reflecting .

Reflecting it shall be ... GREAT. . .All i can think now is that i really need to get serious and study . I haven't been studying . I remember telling myself i need to start studying hard after how terrible i fumbled in the last examination .Its been 5 weeks since . Still the same though . Its so hard to put words into action .

But , i've improved a little . I managed to cut the Facebook addiction to less then 2 hours per day .Yes , i can spend a lot of time on Facebook just looking through photo albums and click click click away . Need to further reduce it . Ha! See , i ' ve got self-control . Though , i have to give some credit to my ever super slow and unstable internet connection .

Next week will be a busy week . Not because of sleep and the food in my cupboard . But , IMU cup . The table tennis representative ( the guy who has to find for players for the competition ) just called me an hour ago , asking me to play for the house . Not because i'm good at it , but because no one else wants to play .

I initially put down my name in hopes of training myself and improve my ping pong playing skills ... but I couldn't attend the trainings and there were so few trainings . Thus , I decided not to play . Now , the competition is just 3 days away . I shudder at imagining the volume of laughter that would fill the halls of IMU . EEeek

I would very much prefer not to embarrass myself . I can't take public humiliation very well .

But then , the guy was so ... kesian + desperate . I rejected him at first . But , I could hear from his voice and tone that he's really fed up already and just wants to get his job done . And since I was the representative of the event - road relay , i knew very well how difficult it was to get ppl to come for training . So ... yup , i have agreed to embarrass myself on Monday .

Sigh ... stupid decisions i make these days .

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